MariTrade is the regional supplier of Videotel training products. Videotel is a leading maritime training producer, providing training solutions on board, on shore and online. Courses and training products are used by ship operators, colleges, regulatory agencies, ports and terminals around the world.
Many courses are developed in association with the IMO, following approved model courses.


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Interactive Computer Based Training

Interactive CBT is best known as a medium for presenting training directly in the workplace, using personal computers. The subject matter of a CBT program can be anything that can be communicated using the wide range of text, graphics, colour, sound, animation and video combined with narration and questioning techniques.

Each CBT program provides a convenient and cost-effective alternative to classroom training allowing the user to study at their own pace when it is convenient. This means that new skills can be acquired in a timeframe that does not conflict with work schedules. Other advantages are:

Good training is a fundamental building block of any successful organisation and Videotel can assist by offering a catalogue of training programs:

The need for management to record all aspects of training has changed from advisory to mandatory. We also offer two sophisticated systems that electronically gather training records to a centralised database.