Ports and Terminals

Projects depending on heavy capital investment require thorough and accurate market research as the foundation for new investment. MariTrade advises government, ports and terminal operators on new investments drawing on its extensive industry experience.


KPIs Port Performance Benchmarking

Is being developed to coordinate and enhance productivity among all PNG ports. Benchmarking is also extending to comparable port networks internationally for peer performance comparisons.

Wewak Cost Benefit Analysis

Required to justify investment in the wharf upgrade. Financial, economic and social benefits are compared to the initial investment at 3 discount rates.

Port Kembla Container Terminal Market Research

Conducted among potential users, importers, exporters and forwarders to determine the level of industry interest in a new container terminal. Survey interviewed hundreds of potential port users to develop a five year forecast of potential throughput.

PNG Ports Container Security

Review of proposed investment in container scanning systems, infrastructure and skills required. Advised management on international and US scanning practices and legal obligations.

Department of Transport (WA)

WA Wheatbelt Study. Analyse bulk cargo flows and demand for transport infrastructure development. (with Arup)

Port of Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

Review international port privatisation models and performance Indicators as basis for port performance criteria

Dept State & Regional Development

Twofold Bay - Feasibility and cargoes for new wharf. Profile ship types, wharf facilities and storage for potential dry bulk and general cargoes. Trade Forecast options for port expansion, new port and various ship options.

Illawarra Port Authority

Long term development strategy.

MSB - Newcastle

Forecast potential demand for and suitable location of a container terminal in Newcastle. (in conjunction with MacDonald Wagner)

Department of Resource Development WA

Oakajee Port WA. Calculate operating income and expense cash flows from import and export cargo projections and related ship movements. Derive free cash flows from commercial operations as a basis of financing strategy options(with major accounting firm).

Port Authority

Detailed pricing structure of all main Australian ports applied to standard container ship, Ro Ro & Conventional service. Compare total port costs or each port for each ship type.

Port of Brisbane

Cost/Benefit study - NW channel dredging and cost apportioning to port charges.

Port Kembla Task Force

Forecast demand for and economic feasibility of container terminal in Port Kembla.

South East Australian Transport Study

Infrastructure and port development strategies. Review small South East Australian ports and future developments potential.

Port Kembla Port Corporation

Market Research, 20 year trade forecast, impact on Road/Rail & transport infrastructure linkages. (with Arup)

RBS Australia and Banking Consortium

Review Landbridging potential for Alice Springs-Darwin rail project. Identify and quantify cargoes suitable for landbridge and assess potential share of trade, competitive threat to existing shipping services. Full investment study of proposed container shipping service linking Darwin with several South East Asian ports linked to new Landbridge rail service.

Major Australian Bank

Economic and investment strategic advice on the shipping industry to facilitate Bank finance for several ship investment proposals

Port Kembla Port Corp

Container Terminal - Market research, quantify container flows import and export by commodity and trade area. Review complementary niche port profile, project cargo trends and demand for shipping services. Intensive telemarketing research of shipper requirements

Strang International

Marketing plan for new marine cargo terminal.

MSB - Sydney

Reviewed management and procedures in MSB statistics department. Designed port and cargo statistics reporting system.


Quantify Demand for and customer profile of new drydock in Cairns.

Strang International

Marketing plan for new marine cargo terminal.


Ship diversion cost and benefit for way ports. Developed computer based decision model.