MariTrade's ship investment studies are used by owners and investors to introduce new ships, develop new trades and update fleets. Maritrade uses realistic voyage estimates including revenue forecasts, operating and finance costs to build its investment analyses.


Coastal Shipping

Investment studies into potential for Australian flagged container and dry bulk ships in various coastal trades under new and proposed legislation.


Analysed and compared voyage operating costs of dry bulk and self discharging ships on Australian coastal trades. Recommended fleet replacement strategy based on a comprehensive review of charter/buy options for various ship types.


Advised owners on investment strategy for dry cargo bulk carriers based on comparative voyage costings for various ship types.

Department of Trade & Economic Development SA

SA Container shortage and repositioning study. Determine and quantify the South Australian container (TEU) shortage and repositioning task, scope several options and potential solutions and strategies.

LoughLink Ltd

Project management and funding - new low-wash commuter ferries in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Roadships Ltd

Feasibility study for fast coastal trailer service

Fast Ships Ltd

Full investment study, cash flow, detailed revenue operating costs and profit forecast for high speed ferry service

Fastships Pty Ltd

Fast ferry service in NSW - advice on design and classification contracts in legal dispute.


Market Research Project. International Dry Bulk Cargoes.


Safety Audits on LNG Carriers

ASA (Australian Shipbuilders Association)

Fast Cargo Ships study - Identify target markets in Asia/Pacific region and cargoes for fast ship investment analysis. Develop operating cost profile and calculate voyage costing and profitability as basis for a required freight rate. Published as joint ASA/Department of Industry Science & Technology briefing.

ANMA (Australian
Maritime Association)

Identify and quantify foreign exchange earnings potential of Australian flag shipping liner, bulk and tanker trades. Detail cash flows by currency for Australian Flag ships in specific trades.

Cook Is. Government

Identify potential economic benefits of ship registry in the Cook Islands. Draft ship registry legislation.

Dept of Development (NT)

Critique of liner service investment study and assessment of potential profitability.

Blohm & Voss Germany

Fast Monohull investment study based on Australian and various Pacific Rim trades. Calculate operating income and expenses, evaluate service profitability based on current freight rates.

Cook Island Cruises Ltd

Complete funding marketing and operation study of cruise ship service-South Pacific.


Supermarket to Asia - rationalising container flows to improve freight productivity.

Department of Marine & Harbours - SA

Tasman Service- Cost/Benefit of extending port calls to Adelaide.

Gulf Shipping Ltd

Review and analysis of various ship registries for reflagging fleet.

Port of Brisbane

Full investment study - Car Ferry service. Sydney - Brisbane. Evaluate purchase/lease option.

Port of Townsville

Comparative costing and economic potential of containerised and conventional frozen meat shipping service to Korea.

Strand Holdings Ltd

Funding and reorganisation necessary for takeover of John Burke Shipping. Full investment study, equity and loan structure.

Trans-Tasman Shipping Service

Trade forecast and investment analysis - new client Australia flag container service - Australia - New Zealand.

South Pacific Bureau Economic (SPEC Fiji)

Balance of payments and employment implications of shipping Corporation in the Southern Pacific.

Fast Cargo Ships

Capability Statement

Over the past decade new technology has emerged which has transformed the economics of ferry services, Ro Pax Ferries and short haul container and feeder services. The common factor in all the new designs which are emerging, including steel and aluminium monohulls and catamarans is increasing speed with 40-50 knot design requirements now common.

The spread of new technology ships and ferries around the world indicates that early design problems including erratic motion, vibration and hull stress have been resolved. MariTrade has taken a active role in evaluating the investment and quotational potential of these new designs. Our principals are prominent commentators and speakers at shipping conferences in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia on the economics and investment potential of the new technology. They have conducted a series of market research and investment studies for an international portfolio of clients and have extensive management advisory experience in new ship technology.

In Cat Catamaran Design

Describe and quantify high value and perishable cargoes on several Asia-Pacific trade routes. Applying current freight rates to the cargo profile yielded by market research, developed a full investment study based on a catamaran-style 100 TEU fast cargo ship design. Investment criteria included building and detailed operating costs, crew, fuel port/terminal, depreciation general, sales and administration costs. Study revealed the investment and profit potential of each trade route with income and expense sensitivity analysis.